Studio Art Classes


(Ages 2.5 - 4 Years Old)

Through the use of stories, games and role play, WonderTodds students will be able to learn art in an experiential and fun way. Your little ones will get to explore various art materials, piquing their curiosity and interest in Art. The art lessons are design at a suitable level for them; enabling them to be independent while improving their fine motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. This programme will help boost their confidence in using new materials and textures!


(Ages 4 - 12 Years Old)

Our WonderKids' programme advocates the use of inquiry-based discussions that will encourage your child to express their individual thoughts, ideas and feelings. Our lessons also use the Elements of Art as a foundation to hone our students' observation and technical skills. We seek to develop all of our WonderKids into little artists that are familiar with both traditional and contemporary Artists and art mediums.

Throughout the year, you will also find that your child will develop a greater appreciation of the world through our art lessons. Various learning areas such as Discovery of the World, History, Literacy, Numeracy and Science have also been integrated into our art lessons. Through this WonderKids programme, you can expect your child to bloom into a confident and independent art maker.


(Ages 10 - 12 Years Old)

This programme is suitable for older students looking to advance their art skills and techniques. Advanced class students will be challenged to expand their thoughts and perspectives on art. This programme seeks to encourage our students to be familiar and comfortable with both traditional and contemporary artists and art mediums. Students will be encouraged to experiment, explore and hone their art skills and techniques. This class is useful for students preparing their portfolio for SOTA's (School O The Arts) Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise.

In conjuction with Curious Thoughts Academy

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Curious Minds

(Ages 18 - 24 Months Old)

Partnering with our sister company Curious Thoughts Academy, we present to you our multi-sensory toddler programme Curious Minds. It is a 75--min programme that seeks to tap into your child's natural curiosity, using a child-centred approach to explore the world of Phonics and Art. This programme will expose your child to phonics with Jolly Phonics, letter sounds, letter formations, print awareness and simultaneously build their interest in art. Your young toddler will be exposed to various Elements of Art that helps them build their basic visual art vocabulary. These will encourage your toddler to recognise art in their environment and at the same time build up their dexterity and fine motor skills.

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