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D.I.Y Craft Activities to Reconnect with Your Loved Ones this Festive Season

It's that time of the year again, where Christmas lights fill the streets and carols are being played in shopping malls. As Singapore slowly opens up and eases restrictions in light of the stable Covid cases, we'll be sure to kick start this festive season by getting you to feel warm and cozy with your loved ones.

Most of us have already began making plans to meet our friends and distant relatives while some of us may still be feeling weary, thinking about the uncertainties in the near future. Whatever you choose to do during this festive season, whether it's to keep yourself occupied or just wanting to take a break, reconnecting with people can be self healing and rewarding. Doing activities together with your loved ones for example, can definitely get you feeling refreshed and energised for this upcoming festive season!

Introducing Our Time Dice!

In the 4th issue of Art Wonders, we have an exciting printable activity called the 'Time Dice' which will require you to reconnect with your friends and family members. From craft activities to D.I.Y. games, don’t shy away from this opportunity to strengthen the relationships that you have with the people in your life!

Download the printable here.

Get started on your Time Dice by preparing a pair of scissors and glue. Be sure to read the instructions on the left-hand side of the printable carefully before you begin!

Here's what you'll need to do:

Step 1: Cut out and assemble the dice according to the instructions.

Step 2: Once you have the dice ready, give it a roll and watch where it lands.

Step 3: Dive right in to the activity suggested on the face the dice lands on!

It really is that simple! In order to make the most out of this game, be sure to complete each activity first before rolling the dice again.

Let's Spice It Up

In light of the festive season, make each craft outcome extra 'fancy-schmancy' by using materials such as sequins and glitter! You can even place your them on a Christmas tree as ornaments or add them around your house as Christmas decor. Let's take a look at some of these craft activities together.

Crafty Fun 1: Make your own rocking horse craft

Get your printable here!

The design of this craft activity was inspired by one of Singapore’s iconic dragon playground. What you can do is to add lines and shapes (how about some stars and light bulbs!) to create your desired version of a Christmas rocking horse. You can even stick on some sequins for that extra bling!

Crafty Fun 3: Let's dive into Singapore's Hawker Culture

Build your own Hawker Centre and imagine the array of Singaporean food that you might want to sell in YOUR hawker stall! Together with your family and friends, share and bond over some of the local delights that you currently enjoy! Give our ABCs of Singapore Hawker Food characters an exciting twist by filling them in with vibrant colours that reminds you of the festive season. Think about how adorable they would look on a Christmas tree or on your display table this Christmas!

As if reconnecting to these activities on your own isn’t enough, you also have a chance to create a Parachute Toy, Hoop Throwing game and the Bola tin game with friends and family. What a delightful way to spend your time this Christmas! You and your loved ones will definitely be talking about these fun experiences for years to come.

Rekindling Relationships this Festive Season

Believe it or not, humans are made to connect by nature, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. By neglecting our need to connect, we put our own health at risk. Where the pandemic has caused major disruptions and disconnections, it is up to us to restore human interaction by making an effort to reach out to the people around. Through the Time Dice, experiencing these activities can help you feel relaxed and stay joyful!

To all who are feeling like you can finally catch a break this December, trying to stay afloat or even having the time of your life, wherever you may be in this season, may better days be upon you as you try to reconnect with yourself and with your loved ones!

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