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Our team at Amazing Art Shuttle strive to inject fun and excitement into Singapore’s art education scene. With a deep-rooted passion for art, our mission is to bring fun, immersive, and interactive art experiences to children and families and local museums and institutions alike.

As the same team behind Art Wonderland studio where we hold weekly art classes for children, we understand the importance of nurturing young artistic minds. Our expertise in delivering high-quality art education extends to all our endeavors and partners, ensuring that every interaction with us is memorable, exciting and most of all, inspires a new generation of young independent learners. We empower young artists by combining artistic expression, skill development, and a whole lot of creativity.

Our Story and Mission


Our Beliefs

We believe that art is a powerful tool to discover and learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Art encourages us to view the world through a different lens, sparking curiosity and encouraging a sense of wonder. We strive to nurture our next generation of independent learners.

Our Methods

We create immersive and interactive art experiences, programmes and weekly studio classes for children and families. We partner with local museums and institutions to deliver exciting art curriculum for school learning journeys. We work with school to create tailored programmes to fit their curriculum needs.

Our Partners

Over the last 14 years in the art education industry, our trusted partners are Singapore Art Museum, National Museum, Affordable Art Fair and more, looking to us to create interactive programmes and art installations. Our Art Wonderland studio for kids has seen over 150 students, with immensely positive reviews!

Client Testimonials

"Our teachers (at Grace Orchard School) who have worked with you and your team have been full of positive comments on the delivery of the art lessons."

Ms Shirley Tian, Grace Orchard School, 2022

"The National Museum of Singapore has been working with the Amazing Art Shuttle (AAS) team to conceptualise and conduct workshops for pre-schools and families, that were launched in 2018. The AAS team has been able to develop quality age-appropriate content for our young learners, and engage our target audience well through role-playing and hands-on activities. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they also created video resources and conduct virtual programmes based on the museum’s collection to meaningfully engage young learners from their schools or homes."


Matilda Hong, National Museum of Singapore | Curatorial and Programmes, 2021

I would like to echo Alexis and say a big thank you for making the children’s Art Studio amazing, as your name lives up to! I cannot express how much I love it, and I have gotten lots of positive feedback from visitors and had seen how the children were running towards the Children’s Art Studio with much enthusiasm!

Mr Alan Koh, Director of Affordable Art Fair

Our Clients

With a rich history of serving both private and government bodies, we've gained extensive experience in delivering innovative and engaging art programs. Over the past 14 years, we've had the privilege of working alongside esteemed organisations, making a meaningful impact on the art education landscape in Singapore. We're constantly seeking new collaborations and partnerships with local institutions and companies to keep pushing the boundaries of what art can be.

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Children's Weekly Art Classes and Workshops

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