Seasonal Holiday
Art Programmes

Happening Now!

Ready for an immersive and interactive experience this June? Art Wonderland is putting up another showcase featuring the works of our very own students, and this time the theme is folktales. This exhibition will allow you to create your own spin-off to local tales and experience folktales brought to life!

Specially for the opening days, you will also have the chance to attend a 3-hour immersive programme that will take you through an outdoor urban sketching, indoor print-making session, a guided tour, and many more you wouldn't want to miss!

Bask in our city's natural and urban environments in this 3-day experience camp with Art Wonderland! Each day is a brand new adventure as we take you through popular attractions around the city to capture its beauty and the features that make them uniquely Singapore. From gestural drawing to frottaging techniques, your little explorer will be encouraged to capture the elements of each iconic location and use them in the final composition of their mixed media artwork. It is going to be a fun-filled, immersive and artistic experience for three whole days!

Past Programmes

The Nature Of A City
Holiday Art Camp 2021

During the September school holidays, we invited four lucky children to partake in Art Wonderland's first-ever experience based programme that is inspired by Singapore’s urban and natural spaces. With visits to the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Botanic Gardens and the small roads and alleyways, their senses were engaged through a range of outdoor activities and art techniques that allowed them to complete a mixed media artwork that they were proud of at the end of the camp!

When I Grow Up...
Goes Online!
E-Programme 2021

Back by popular demand, we brought our blockbuster series back for the June holidays. Titled 'When I Grow Up...Goes Online!', this series of virtual workshops had allowed participants to experience a day in the life of an Animation Artist, Cartoonist and Costume Designer through discovering the creative process of these artistic professions. It was a magical 1.5 hours of interactive, immersive and crafty fun as participants worked towards completing their artistic projects in the end!

Journey Into...

Once Upon a Time

Blockbuster 2020 

During the November holidays, the kids had dived into the whimsical world of storytelling and learnt about the different ways stories can be told! From pop-up books to stop motion animation, Journey into Once Upon A Time took participants through role-play, creative discussions, craft activities and live interaction while learning new ways to tell their stories.

I-Am Series

E-Programme 2020 

During Singapore's Circuit Breaker in 2020, we brought our Holiday Programme online through the interactive and immersive I-Am Series! In this series of online workshops, participants got to be whatever they wanted to be - from Astronauts to Restaurant Chefs. Filled with immersive games, craft activities and live interaction, the

I-Am series was a fun-filled learning experience for all children!