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Our WonderKids' arts programme advocates the use of inquiry-based discussions that will encourage your child to express their individual thoughts, ideas and feelings. Our lessons use the Elements of Art as a foundation to hone a child’s observation and technical skills. We seek to develop all of our WonderKids into little artists that are familiar with both traditional & contemporary artists and art mediums.


Throughout the year, your child will develop a greater appreciation of the world through our WonderKids art lessons where they will experience painting, drawing, sketching, colouring and more. Through the WonderKids arts for kids programme, you can expect your child to bloom into a confident and independent art maker.

WonderKids: Art Education for Children
Suitable for 4 to 12 Years Old


Art Wonderland Class Curriculum: WonderKids

Our art and craft classes are designed to merge academic subjects with soft skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and communication. We encourage creativity in your child through process-based learning, inquiry-based discussions, narrative building and ideation. We also focus on honing technical skills such as drawing, sketching, layering and blending paint and exposure to a variety of art mediums such as clay, pastels, acrylic paint, charcoal and more.


Our Focus Areas of Art Education

Discovery of the World

Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Language and Literacy

Motorskill Development


Social Emotional Learning

Culture Heritage Learning

WonderKids Art Classes for Kids will help your child:

✓ Cultivate curiosity and creative thinking

✓ Build his/her own creative process

Enhance his/her storytelling skills

Engage in inquiry-based discussions & communicate with fellow peers

Increase confidence in art, at home & in social interactions

Experience, explore & learn how to use a wide variety of different art mediums

Explore art concepts and exposure to artists

Create new avenues for creative expression 

✓ Real world application of art through yearly exhibitions, publications and installations

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Objectives of WonderKids Art Education Classes
for Children (4 to 12 Years Old)

  1. Inquiry-Based Discussions

  2. Integrated Learning (Process-Based)

  3. Developing Creative Thinking Through Art

  4. 7 Elements of Art - Colours, Shapes, Lines, Textures, Form, Value, Space

  5. Exploration of a Wide Variety of Art Mediums

  6. Exploring Art Concepts such as Sketching, Perspective, Still-Life, 3D Sculptures, Printmaking and more

  7. Building and Developing Mastery Over Art Mediums

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At Art Wonderland, we encourage children to be independent learners and confident art makers!


Parent of Gin, 7 years old

My daughter has been exploring her creative side with Art Wonderland for 3 years. Her Kindergarten Teachers have always pointed out my daughter’s advanced fine motor skills which I believe has been cultivate during her time at Art Wonderland.

Crystal, 9 years old

I, Crystal really enjoy going to art wonderland. I can learn more artists and more about art materials!

Parent of Charis, 8 years old

So thankful to chance upon this amazing art school! My 7yo daughter started online lessons this year, and has been enjoying the weekly lessons. She has done a variety of art work - clay, mixed media, Chinese painting - and has learnt many new techniques.

Studio Art Class Schedule
– WonderKids 2023 Classes

Join us for a 1-hr trial class at $30 for a peek into our art classes. This is the best time to ask our teachers any questions you have regarding our education philosophy here at Art Wonderland. Enquire and fill in our trial class booking form and we will arrange a suitable time and date.

This is the Art Wonderland class schedule. Our lessons are available in 4-lesson, 10-lesson, 20-lesson bundles - with flexible attendance arrangements if you are unable to attend a lesson.

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Class Schedule

What happens during our WonderKids class?

Art Classes for Kids

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Each WonderKids lesson lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


The lesson structure for WonderKids art classes for children aged 4 years to 12 years old begins with the introduction of themes and an active inquiry-based discussion. The lessons have been designed to spark your child’s curiosity and to encourage peer learning.


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Your child will then spend time on narrative building and exploring the various mediums. The process is equally important as the final artwork - so our students begin this exploration of material and story in their sketchbook, collecting ideas, thoughts and techniques!


We strive to develop your child’s creative and technical abilities, resulting in a balanced artist with a strong foundation. We believe in moulding children to draw independently without guidance.

Occasionally, we bring learning outside of the classroom, bringing students out of the studio for urban sketching and observing the world around them.


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After which, kids begin on their final artwork for the lesson, where we focus on drawing out your child’s narratives in their artwork. 


Here, we also bring out art concepts using elements of art: noticing shapes, colours, textures, lines, form, value, space and more.

WonderKids will also have the opportunity for simple sharing and show and tell amongst peers.



Processed-Based Learning

We provide a sketchbook for students to explore the theme, materials and storytelling before starting on the final artwork. This gives them time to develop their ideas before jumping into the final artwork. Hence, our lessons are on a project basis that could span 2 to 4 weeks as we encourage independent artwork making.


Inquiry-Based Discussions

We use inquiry-based discussions to draw out the narratives of children. This helps in peer-to-peer learning and to articulate and express their thoughts and ideas. This is an important foundation to build curiosity, problem solving and creative thinking.


Exploring Art Mediums & Materials

Our curriculum is designed to include a wide variety of mediums for children to explore. E.g., dry mediums such as charcoal, pencil, chalk pastels, oil pastels, colour pencils, pen. Wet mediums such as chinese ink, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, batik dye. 3D materials such as clay, recycled materials, natural materials, plasticine and more.