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Art Educational Outreach

Museum-Based Learning

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Since 2014, Art Wonderland has designed and tailored school curriculums for local art and cultural institutions in Singapore. Our immersive programmes are conceptualised with ECDA and MOE’s learning pedagogies in mind to create a holistic programme through the use of storytelling and roleplaying.

Our Art Wonderland educators are MOE approved, and have facilitated programmes in the National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and more.

Tailored Art Programmes
Tailored Art Programmes
Tailored Art Programmes
Tailored Art Programmes
Tailored Art Programmes

Tailored Educational Programmes

Art Wonderland strongly believes in learning through Art, hence we use Art as a platform to discover and introduce new topics alongside with various areas of learning. We tailor educational programmes suited to schools’ learning needs and objectives. 

We have designed programmes related to Singapore’s heritage and culture, photography, light and shadow through the use of shadow puppets and many more. Write to us your learning objectives and we will curate an immersive learning experience for your students.

In-house Productions

Check out our independent projects over the years - from our student exhibition showcase, to locally published books, to storytelling events. Click on the images to find out what we’ve been up to!

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