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Advanced: Extensive Art Classes for Students
Suitable for 10 to 12 Years Old

This programme is suitable for older students looking to advance their art skills and techniques. Advanced class students will be challenged to expand their thoughts and perspectives on art. Our Advanced Art Enrichment Programme seeks to encourage students to be familiar and comfortable with both traditional & contemporary artists and art mediums. Students will be encouraged to experiment, explore and hone their art skills and techniques. This class is useful for students preparing their DSA Art Portfolio for SOTA's (School Of The Arts) Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise.


Art Wonderland Class Curriculum: Advanced

Our Advanced classes are designed to prepare your child to be a confident and independent artist. Our curriculum pushes the boundaries of art making, encouraging students to think creatively and critically in their artworks. We seek to strengthen your child’s foundation in art techniques and skills, building their artistic portfolio that showcases their individual creative thoughts and artistic flair. 


Our Advanced classes encourage the use of both traditional and contemporary art mediums such as acrylic paints, watercolour paint, clay, pastels, charcoal, wires, balsa wood and more. Students will be taught how to research, conceptualise and develop their artistic ideas into reality.

  • Weekly Class Discussions

  • Using the Elements of Art and Principles of Art and Design

  • Exploring and Experimenting with both Traditional and Contemporary mediums

  • Opportunities for Student Artwork Collaborations

Our Focus Areas for Advanced Classes

  • Conceptual, creative and critical thinking

  • Observational drawing (e.g. still life, perspective drawing and urban sketching)

  • Sketching with traditional mediums

  • Painting and blending techniques

  • Principles of Design (e.g. composition planning)

  • Time management

Advanced Arts Enrichment Classes for Students will help your child:

✓ Develop a DSA Portfolio for SOTA admission

✓ Cultivate curiosity and creative thinking

Engage in inquiry-based discussions & communicate with fellow peers

✓ Build independence in the artmaking process

✓ Hone skills and art techniques

Experience, explore & learn how to use a wide variety of different art mediums

Explore art concepts and exposure to artists

✓ An introduction to art history and contemporary art

✓ Create new avenues for creative expression

✓ Develop creative thought processes

✓ Real world application of art through yearly exhibitions, publications and installations


Objectives of Advanced Art Enrichment Classes for Students (10 to 12 Years Old)

  1. Inquiry-Based Discussions

  2. Integrated Learning (Process-Based)

  3. Developing a Portfolio for SOTA’s DSA Exercise

  4. Exploration of a Wide Variety of Art Mediums

  5. Refining and Developing Works that Displays Art Techniques such as Sketching, Perspective, Still-Life, 3D Sculptures, Printmaking and more 

  6. Introducing the Contemporary Art World and Simple Art History

  7. Expanding Thought Processes in the Artmaking Process


Parent of Jeslyn, 14 years old

My girl Jeslyn has been with Teacher Lena for 7 years. Started with her RC program then move on to attending more structured program suited for her age at her studio at Waterloo street.   Teacher Lena has been able to help her to prepare her portfolio for the DSA process and gotten her into SOTA Visual Art . Now my girl is happy with her new environment in Secondary 1 this year.

Studio Art Class Schedule
Advanced Art Enrichment 2023 Classes

Join us for a 1-hr trial class at $30 for a peek into our art classes. This is the best time to ask our teachers any questions you have regarding our education philosophy here at Art Wonderland. Enquire and fill in our trial class booking form and we will arrange a suitable time and date.

This is the Art Wonderland class schedule. Our lessons are available in 4-lesson, 10-lesson, 20-lesson bundles - with flexible attendance arrangements if you are unable to attend a lesson.

Class Schedule 2023_31May2023 (2).png
Class Schedule

What happens during our Advanced art class?

DSA Portfolio Building for SOTA Admission

Introduction &

Each Advanced lesson lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


The lesson structure for Advanced art classes for children aged 10 years to 12 years begins with themes and an active inquiry-based discussion that sparks a child’s curiosity and encourages peer learning.


Our focus for students in Advanced class is to develop their technical and creative skills, encouraging them to be independent in their research and final artwork. This involves providing students a laptop / iPad to begin their own topic research.

Creative thinking &

The students then spend time on the material exploration process, developing their mastery over materials such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, clay, mixed media and more.

Students will have opportunities to have real world observations through mini excursions outside the studio. It is important to draw and create from real life references, e.g. observation of buildings for urban sketching.

We strive to develop your child’s creative and technical abilities, resulting in a balanced artist with a strong foundation. We believe in moulding children to draw independently without guidance.

Techniques &
Creative Expression

After which, kids begin on their final artwork for the lesson, honing both creative and technical skills.


Here, we also bring out art concepts using Principles of Design and the Elements of Art: noticing shapes, colours, textures, lines, form, value, space and more. Each lesson will focus on various art techniques to showcase a wider skill set for DSA portfolio.

Students in Advanced class will showcase mastery over materials and be confident in using these techniques in their own creative process!

Why Us?

Art Wonderland is helmed by the people behind Amazing Art Shuttle -- an experienced art education company with over a decade of experience. We started Art Wonderland in 2017 to provide children of all ages with a fun, warm and nurturing environment to learn art.


 We use art as a powerful tool to help children discover about themselves and the world around them. We do this through our classes using traditional mediums such as watercolour and acrylic painting, drawing and sketching, creating 3D sculptures using clay and mixed media artworks. We incorporate storytelling, digital elements, roleplay into our teaching practice, incorporating an integrated approach to learning through the arts.


Our partners include the National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Affordable Art Fair, Boutique Fairs Singapore, People’s Association, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Our Tampines Hub and more.

Partner Organisations - Art Wonderland.png

Our Education Philosophy

Our passionate Art Wonderland teachers will engage your children through a variety of art mediums and techniques to connect their learning in the classroom to their everyday environment and experiences. Our Art Educators are all experienced teachers approved and registered with the National Arts Council (NAC) and Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE). Our Art curriculum was created on a foundation of research, experimentation, and various art pedagogies. Through a decade of research and teaching, we formulated a specialised curriculum that will engage children of all ages to be confident and independent art makers.

Art Wonderland Wheel.png

This specialised art curriculum places emphasis on the following:

  • Inquiry-Based Discussions

  • Process-Driven Learning

  • Elements of Arts

  • Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences

  • MOE-NEL Framework

  • Community Collaboration

  • Art Exhibitions & Museums

Visit Us!

37 Middle Road, #03-00

Uweei Building, S(188946)

6909 0821 / 8661 9008

Message us on Whatsapp!

Monday - Friday: 11am - 6.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4.30pm

*Closed on Public Holidays

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