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Through the use of stories, games and role play, WonderTodds students will be able to learn art in an experiential and fun way. Your little ones will get to explore various art materials, piquing their curiosity and interest in Art. The art lessons are designed at a suitable level for toddlers, enabling them to be independent while improving their fine motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. This programme will help boost the confidence of young ones aged 2.5 years to 4 years in using new materials and textures!

WonderTodds: Arts and Crafts for Toddlers
Suitable for 2.5 to 4 Years Old


Art Wonderland Class Curriculum: WonderTodds

Our art and craft classes are designed to merge academic subjects with soft skills such as literacy and communication. We encourage tactile and sensory learning through the use of stories, dramatic play, simple games and use art mediums such as clay, pastels, acrylic paints and more.

arts and crafts for kids

Our Focus Areas of Art Education

Discovery of the World

Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Language and Literacy

Motorskill Development


Social Emotional Learning

Culture Heritage Learning

WonderTodds Arts & Crafts Classes
will help your toddler:

✓ Cultivate curiosity and creative thinking

✓ Build their own creative process 

✓ Nurture their story development skills

Communicate with fellow peers

✓ Increase confidence in art, at home and in social interactions

✓ Improve fine motor-skills – tearing, cutting, folding, pasting, using a brush

✓ Improve hand-eye coordination

✓ Experience, explore and learn how to use different art mediums

Discover the world around them through art and play

✓ Create new avenues for creative expression

Objectives of WonderTodds Arts & Crafts Classes
for Toddlers (2.5 to 4 Years Old)

  1. Storytelling and roleplaying elements

  2. Motorskills development

  3. Elements of Art – Identifying colours, shapes, lines, textures

  4. Exposure to different tactile materials

  5. Exposure to different art mediums

  6. Sensorial and tactile experience with art

  7. Encourage their love for art


Parent of Rae, 3 years old
(Now 6 years old in WonderKids!)

We chanced upon Art Wonderland 2 years ago at a Fair, their space was filled up with beautiful handmade pop ups and crafts that caught my attention! Our 3 yo girl then, enthusiastically agrees to attend Teacher Lena class after her first trial lesson as she is extra patient and nice. The girl was slow to warm up in a new environment being really young that time. Gradually, those key concepts that she learnt in Art Wonderland lead her to more interest on arts and crafts. She still looks forward to Art Wonderland classes today - there’s so much fun art to do at Art Wonderland! She says.

Studio Art Class Schedule
– WonderTodds 2023 Classes

Join us for a 1-hr trial class at $30 for a peek into our art classes. This is the best time to ask our teachers any questions you have regarding our education philosophy here at Art Wonderland. Enquire and fill in our trial class booking form and we will arrange a suitable time and date.

This is the Art Wonderland class schedule. Our lessons are available in 4-lesson, 10-lesson, 20-lesson bundles - with flexible attendance arrangements if you are unable to attend a lesson.

Class Schedule 2023_31May2023 (2).png
Class Schedule

What happens during our WonderTodds class?

1 Active Discussion.png

Each WonderTodds lesson lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The lesson structure for WonderTodds art classes for toddlers aged 2.5 years to 4 years begin with introducing the theme of the class through active discussions, stories and play that sparks your child’s curiosity and encourages peer learning.


2 Art Mediums.png

Naturally inquisitive, our toddlers then spend time on a tactile and sensorial pre-activity that encourages them to explore the art material and medium used.


Engaging in dramatic play and simple games, our toddlers also use this time to be creative and build their stories, encouraging them to communicate their ideas with teachers and peers.


3 Final Artwork.png

After which, the toddlers begin on their final artwork for the lesson, where we focus on drawing out your child’s narratives in their artwork.


Here, we develop their art vocabulary by exposing them to elements of art such as noticing shapes, colours, textures, lines and more.

Toddlers will also have the opportunity for simple sharing and show and tell amongst peers.



Discovery of the World

Our aim is to use art as a tool to navigate the world around us - and for children, that means to see art all around them and help in their development. Our WonderTodds curriculum will hone your child’s observation skills, such as noticing that trees have different shades of green and shapes are found all around us.


Motorskills Development

In WonderTodds, young children are encouraged to develop their motor-skills through exercises such as cutting, painting and drawing. Our exposure to different materials trains their tripod grip that are essential life skills needed for their growth in their early years.