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About us

Art Wonderland is an exciting new space that provides children of all ages with a fun, warm and nurturing environment to learn art! With almost a decade of experience, our passionate Art Wonderland teachers will engage your children through a variety of art mediums and techniques, and connect their learning in the classroom to their everyday experiences. This allows them to have a more wholesome experience of learning through art.​

Our curriculum is based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and promotes integrated learning of concepts such as numeracy, literacy and discovery of the world through the Arts.

Your child will be taught in a cosy and safe environment by very experienced teachers who are approved and registered with the National Arts Council and Ministry of Education.

Art Wonderland is also a young art collective that creates fun and immersive art installations for people of all ages. We hope to bring art closer to the public through these installations, providing them with unique and unforgettable art experiences.

Art Wonderland Young Collective