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Inspired by a residency in Bali, Narratives Of Our Children is a project that celebrates the narratives of our children and aims to explore new and imaginative ways of storytelling. Stories of all forms have been used throughout the course of history as methods to communicate important lessons, inspire our thoughts and some as pure artistic expressions. From cave paintings to folklore, nursery rhymes and poems, to musicals and plays, the power of stories is a formidable one – whether for the one telling it or the one receiving it. Imagine this power placed in the hands of our children! What will their stories tell us and how will their stories affect us?

Over the course of eight weeks, the collective worked closely with the children of Art Wonderland (Singapore) and Kulidan Space (Bali) to explore new forms of collaboration that transcend geographical distances. What do children notice in the world around them? How do the stories that form in their minds help them navigate their realities? How will they translate these narratives through art? For this project, the collective attempts to push the boundaries of what storytelling can be and aim to allow art to be used as an important tool for children to communicate their narratives.

Project Statement

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