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3 Activities for Children to do in Singapore

As parents, we’re always looking for activities for our children to do, mostly for their enrichment, and sometimes for us to be able to take a break from parenting!

Here at Art Wonderland, we’ve come up with a list of activities for children to do in Singapore, either during their holidays, or whilst they’re studying. Our criteria in mind when selecting these activities, were activities that could:

1. Expand their horizons, opening them up to new experiences and pushing them to develop themselves.

2. Give them fun and joyful memories that can also help them destress from their daily lives.

3. Give parents a short break!

Without further ado, here’s our list, in no particular order:

1. Swimming

Considered an essential skill by most, in addition to the fact that Singapore is an island surrounded by water, and that the earth is 71% water, swimming is a very useful skill to have. Also, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot day which is common in Singapore.

Swimming can help improve coordination, breathing and is a great way to stay active. It’s also a good way to help build confidence in your child, by helping your child get over any fears they have of the water!

It’s not hard to see how swimming fits our criteria, though parents will have to be nearby, though in the hands of a good swimming coach, parents’ will be able to relax and enjoy their time by the pool, and maybe even get some tanning done!

2. Art

Impasto painting with palette knife (Wonderkids II)

There’s no activity for children quite like art to help your child develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and have fun, all at the same time!

Learning art can help challenge your child to be creative innovators and critical thinkers. Art classes offered by us here at Art Wonderland, such as our WonderTodds (Age 2.5 – 4) and WonderKids (Age 4 – 12) programmes, which offer a wide range of benefits on top of what we’ve already covered, some of which are:

● An ability to socialize with other students through potential group activities like student artwork collaborations. This allows them to interact with children and people from different backgrounds and cultures, exposing them to different things and teaching them how to work in groups with everyone.

● Spark curiosity by teaching them how to ask questions, so that they can discover more about the world that they live in. This inquiry-based approach also helps encourage your child to be able to share their individual thoughts, ideas and feelings.

● Being better storytellers, by teaching them how to communicate clearly and effectively, and how to build narratives.

These are all but some of the many benefits that can come from an activity like art for your kids. Plus, did we mention your child will be in good hands for 90mins each session? It’s a win-win for parents as they can have some quiet time while their child gets enriched!

3. Get outdoorsy!

Art Wonderland’s 3-Day Art Camp to the Zoo and Botanic Gardens

There is so much Mother Nature can teach us! We take a lot of inspiration from the world around us and incorporate it into our Art Wonderland classes. We are big fans of heading outside to simply play, learn and immerse ourselves in our surroundings.

Children are naturally curious, and their love for exploration and learning is unmatched at this age.

Some outdoorsy activities parents can do with their children are:

● Have a picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens (and perhaps bring some art materials along to sketch and capture what your child finds interesting!)

● Head to our Singapore Zoo to learn more about animals, big and small!

● Learn about our local flora and fauna, and even something about Singapore’s history at Fort Canning Park

How do these fit all three criteria? The first two are easily fulfilled, and parents can even enhance them by encouraging them to reflect on their experiences, such as by writing a story about their eventful day, or have them put on a play talking about these experiences.

For the third point, parents would initially have to keep a close eye on their children when doing these activities for sure, but the reward will come after the day of fun and excitement for your children, when they get home and are all tired out, perfect for parents to have quiet time to themselves at night without having to worry about their little ones as they would be fast asleep.

Furthermore, there are some activities that don't have to exclusively be outdoors! For example, hosting a family game night is perfect for helping your kids build up their critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication, just to name a few with games such as Charades or Taboo!


Here’s our top three of what we consider to be great activities for children to do, as they give them new experiences, are fun and exciting, and can offer parents a short break!

If you’ve been inspired by our suggestions and are looking for an art class to send your child to, Art Wonderland is the right place for you!

Information on Pricing & Fees – Art Activities & Enrichment Classes

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