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We want to raise

What is     ChildrenforChildren?

#ChildrenforChildren is Art Wonderland’s first ever fundraising initiative that will be carried out from March to September 2023. As the title suggests, this initiative aims to instil in our children a sense of altruism for others and a belief in the power of art to give back in meaningful ways.


#ChildrenforChildren as a fundraising initiative will consist of a series of programmes, micro-events and an auction event that will help to raise funds for our sister charity, Curious Thoughts Giving.





3 Ways to Show Support

Pop-up Booths

Holiday Programmes

Auction of Artworks


Catch us at events like Boutiques Fair Singapore with onsite art making and merchandise on sale for a good cause.

Our seasonal programmes are designed for parent-and-child participants! 

*Coming soon!

Artworks created from our seasonal programmes and studio classes will be put up for auction.

*Coming soon!

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