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Curriculum Planning

Customized art curriculum planning for museums, institutions, and art-related businesses, ensuring a cohesive and engaging learning journey for students and participants.


Consultancy Services

Expert consultation on art education matters, including curriculum development, program design, and implementation strategies. We provide guidance and insights to optimize art education initiatives for institutions and organizations.


Brand Activation / Event Management

Collaborative brand activation campaigns that leverage the power of art to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and connection with target audiences.


Facilitation and Training

Professional facilitation services for art-related workshops, as well as comprehensive teacher training programs to equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver engaging and impactful art education experiences.


Corporate Workshops

Engaging and interactive art workshops designed to stimulate creativity and teamwork within corporate settings, fostering innovation and just a way to relax and bond amongst colleagues.

We engaged Amazing Art Shuttle for their Collaborate and Co-create programme. The programme provided students with many opportunities to work together, and problem solve as a group. Students were given the freedom to get creative with their creations, yet they were challenged by the boundaries set during the activity. The instructors were professional and well-prepared. They scaffolded students learning by asking guiding questions and by encouraging students.

Lakeside Primary

Maz, 2023

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