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How To Get Through The Weekends With Art Wonders

Another weekend has arrived and this time we have the latest issue of Art Wonders to keep you and your family busy indoors!

When Art Wonders was first launched in March 2020, its aim was to provide parents and children access to art education resources so that learning through art can take place from the comfort of your own homes. The latest issue is our seventh edition, curated to contain articles, printables and stay-home project ideas that spotlight our local culture, talents and innovations.

Did you know that the first sound card (also known as the Sound Blaster!) for computers and video games was invented by a Singaporean technology company? Inspired by this amazing local innovation, one of the printables in the latest issue of Art Wonders invites your little one to be a young inventor as well. All you'll need are colour pencils, a pair of scissors, glue and your wildest imagination!


Ever since Covid-19 came into our lives, it changed many recreational experiences forever - mostly those involving live performances like singing and orchestral concerts. What kind of invention do we need to help us experience the magic of live performances in a Covid-19 world? Based on existing technology, let's figure out a way to make live performances an experience that is possible again!

Step 1: We start off by asking ourselves some very important questions! As inventors, our job is to make the world a better place with our inventions by solving problems.

How can your invention connect the world through music?

What unique features will it have to achieve this?

What will you name your invention?

Step 2: Next, we improve on existing technology by working on a device that we already use on a daily basis - a music-playing device!

How will your new and improved device help to make live performances possible (or even better) in a Covid-19 world? Does a TV screen pop up as if from nowhere, streaming live performances from all over the world? Or could the device stream live performances AND allow you to participate in them at the same time? The possibilities are endless!

Step 3: Design your music-playing device with eye-catching colours and patterns! (Tip! It can even double-up as a special feature.)

Now it is time to decide what colours and textures we want this device to have. Should the colours of the device reflect the personality of its inventor (you!)? Could the colour of its body change according to the tones that is playing through its speakers? A visual symphony!

Step 4: Finally, to put it all together!

Depending on how your music-playing device will work, we can now begin to assemble its parts and see how it looks like. From cameras to projectors to parts of various musical instruments, there is nothing your music-playing device cannot achieve. The only limit is your imagination.

So let's get your creative juices flowing, put on your inventor caps and change the world this weekend!

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About Art Wonders

Art Wonders is a free quarterly e-newsletter and art education resources that was first launched in May 2020. It aims to be an important art education resource in Singapore, featuring insightful articles, interviews, featured collaborations and art education printables. Our main audience include children, parents and art educators and we currently have more than 400 subscribers.


About Stacy

Stacy believes that learning can take place any time, anywhere and with a lot of fun! Dedicated to designing artistic experiences, Stacy wants to provide children with unique ways to discover the world around them.


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