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Let's Talk Art: Celebrating our differences!

We have been facing a lot of negativity recently, with the effects of the pandemic and news that pop up on our social media newsfeed. And so we thought, these are all great learning points for our children to be able to be in touch with the world. The question was, how do we, as adults, do our part to share and talk about these challenging topics, instead of dismissing and shying away from them?

This is where we came up with Let's Talk Art series, a monthly discussion with Art. We recognise the power of art as a tool that can inspire change and facilitate difficult conversations with our little ones. We also wanted to help equip our parents and educators with the direction and tools to start meaningful, thoughtful discussions with them - and hopefully this will help!

Our topic in June was: Celebrating Our Differences! If you missed it, don't worry - we will share our printables right here on our blog. For current content and discussions, keep up to date with our weekly July series on Facebook!

In June, our first week of discussion addressed how each of us are unique! We encouraged our little ones to start noticing the diversity among their friends and family and identifying how each of our differences make us special. We released a printable inspired by Little Red Explorer, our first children's activity book that shares about Singapore's culture and heritage. (We'll talk about this more on another blog post, but if you would like to have a copy of this book, click here!)