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Holiday art workshops in 2021 that build creativity and hone life skills for your little ones

The time has come again for our long awaited blockbuster holiday programmes! We have been planning long and hard for another refreshed series of 3 exciting programmes for children - and here’s why you should be excited.

Photo from Circuit Breaker's Blockbuster Workshops I-Am a Young Paleontologist Series

Teacher Stacy, the brains of the operation, sets forth on a mission to ask your little ones, ‘do you have what it takes to be a creative professional?” Ever wondered what an Animation Artist, Cartoonist or a Textile Designer do for work? Well, with that idea, we set off to design 3 programmes that will have children roleplay and experience the day-to-day jobs of these artists and the creative process they take to create a comic strip we see in the newspaper or an animated short that we see on TV.

While conceptualising this year’s blockbuster installment, we have this in mind: To learn about the real world through art and through this, build character, inquisitiveness and life skills. And of course, we want to make this 3-hour programme fun, explorative and exciting for children to be creative professionals! With this blockbuster series ‘When I Grow Up…’, we wanted to pay special attention to these experiences for your child.

1. Roleplaying in a real world scenario

What better way to learn than from what real life can teach us? Before getting too philosophical, we do believe in learning through the child’s self-discovery of the world and applying their knowledge into something they create. There’s always a chance to share their ideas in our classes, better yet, a show-and-tell to practice their public speaking skills!

2. Creativity and problem solving

We love to see children tap into their curious nature and asking all sorts of questions to make sense of the world and materials around them. It is our job to provide an opportunity for all that creative thinking and problem solving to take place. Problem solving is essential to developing a strong resilience in all aspects of their life. How do you think your child would fare if they were tasked to design a TV advertisement for a car company using stop motion animation as a medium? (That's happening in our Animation Artist workshop!)

3. Experiencing new mediums and techniques

When we start conceptualising about new programmes, we innovate with new and exciting materials so we provide children an opportunity to explore art outside of a pencil or paintbrush. What medium and techniques would open a new world of art and new way of thinking about art? Learn about stop motion with clay in our Animation Artist workshop, or using a sewing machine and learning about textile in the Textile Designer workshop are just two ideas!

4. Enjoy the experience and learning more about artists in the working world

Children or adults, we learn through real life experiences and people. In our programmes, we introduce real examples and references to our kids to widen their view and have a true view of the world. We fine-tune observation skills through inquiry-based techniques and encourage children to think imaginatively and critically. After all, there’s a much bigger world out there and we hope to introduce this to our children one step at a time.

More information on our 'When I Grow Up...' blockbuster on our Peatix link, and we are happy to give you, our readers, 10% off our programmes! Use the code 'AWPARENT10' on any of the blockbuster programmes or bundle of 3.

And this isn’t our only holiday programme this June - August. We have an Experiential Art Camp (The Nature of a City) that takes your little one on an artistic adventure to 3 different locations - can you guess where we're going?

Meanwhile, check out our happy artists' behind the scenes makings of our 2020 blockbuster ‘Journey Into Once Upon A Time… Shadow Puppetry, Comic Books and Pop Up Books’ last November. Head over to our links above to learn more about our programmes and we'll see you very soon in our Art Wonderland studio!


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