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No-fuss Nostalgic Playdate Ideas You Can Organise This Weekend

Tired of having to rack your brains every single weekend trying to come up with something to keep the little ones busy?

When phases of unexpected mini lockdowns keep us at home for much longer periods of time than you are used to, it is no wonder we are running out of ideas for things to do at home. Well, we got you covered this weekend with a list of fuss-free activities you can organise for your little ones and their friends!

We know what you are thinking - no mess, no damage to the furniture and only a good, fun time for your kids. A learning experience will be a great bonus. Whether you want to take it outdoors, or you are choosing to stay home for the weekend, this list is great for keeping groups of two to four little ones busy throughout the day.

Inspired by the old kampung days, these activities allow your little one to create popular toys and games from our past. All you need are things that you would already have in your homes! Each activity even includes some arts-and-craft time for the little playgroup - a win-win for all!

Note: Do double check on the most recent Covid-19 restrictions for social gatherings and unique visitors per household!