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New children's art studio with first student exhibition at Middle Road, Bugis

We’ve moved into a new location here at Middle Road, and love that students (and teachers!) have more space for creativity and a new place to build new stories and memories of our time in Art Wonderland. After weeks of setting up our new studio space and settling in, we embarked on a new project with our students, to reflect on such spaces and buildings in Singapore that they have fond memories of - just like our new space here in Art Wonderland studio.

This project led us to conceptualise and curate our first in-house student exhibition, showcasing over 50 intimate stories of our buildings in the eyes of 50 Art Wonderland students aged 2 - 11 years old. We loved this project, why? It had everything! Outdoor urban sketching, observation and discovery of architectural influence behind some of Singapore’s recognisable monuments and structures. And most importantly, involving children in creative discussion about their chosen building is crucial. It involved them in creative discussions and experimentation processes with technique and material alike, stimulating both technical and creativity within each child. They incorporated their own imagined narratives with iconic silhouettes of selected heritage buildings to complete a mixed media collage-relief artwork.

This creative process is important for our students to feel connected to their works, and feel proud to want to share their artwork story with others. And by showcasing their works, we hope they feel pride in their accomplishment and that our Wonderkids look forward to be creative makers in any projects they embark on.

Catch some behind the scenes on the makings of this project.

Catch more behind the scenes of the installation of the exhibition and more on our socials! Be in touch with one of our teachers through to learn more about our future projects that is not to be missed, and perhaps, ask about our trial classes to have a taste of our Art Wonderland class! Catch you in our studio soon!


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