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Let's Talk Art: How It All Started

It has been almost one and a half years since the pandemic has changed our lives and set the world into its turbulent journey to a new normal. Since its beginning, the changes in our everyday lives caused by a global pandemic has put us in a state where feelings of fear, despair, confusion, loneliness and hopelessness are now a constant. Whether it is a significant event that happened in a different part of the world or a shift in our daily routine, we have become more vulnerable than ever to be affected by the changes that go on around us. Perhaps because we have yet to grapple with the biggest change of all, the smallest of setbacks can easily trigger an onslaught of negative emotions.

(Above: Cover for July 2020's topic)

In recognising the predicament that the world was in, Let's Talk Art was an online discussion series born out of the need for dialogue and reflection to digest and make sense of the things that were happening around us. It was designed as a platform for us to have important conversations, not just with ourselves and each other but especially with our children as we attempt to adapt and navigate our new realities with them.

The Art Wonderland team recognised the power of art as a tool, a medium and a language that can be made accessible to anyone and everyone to have important difficult conversations. Each month, a series of activities relating to a challenging topic would be released and made available to the public via online platforms. These topics consists of recurring themes within society as whole - like racial harmony and mental health. DIY printables and live storytelling sessions were designed and facilitated to serve as platforms that allow our audiences to engage in open discussions with each other.

(Above: Screenshot of a live Zoom storytelling session featuring the book "The Colours Of Us" by Karen Katz.)

In many ways, Let's Talk Art aims to provide a safe space for adults and children alike to express their opinions on challenging topics and to hopefully open up more room for conversation and change as well.

Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for more releases on Let's Talk Art!


About Stacy

Stacy believes that learning can take place any time, anywhere and with a lot of fun! Dedicated to designing artistic experiences, Stacy wants to provide children with unique ways to discover the world around them.



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