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Nature Of A City: 3 Days Of Outdoor Fun!

We are finally done with the first week of our Nature Of A City Holiday Art Camp! Throughout this week, our Wonderkids have explored 3 different locations, namely - The Singapore Zoo, The Singapore Botanic Gardens and The Central Business District. In each of the location, the kids used various art techniques to capture their surroundings.

Here's what you can expect your little artists to be doing during the Nature Of A City Art Camp:

1. Discovering Singapore's Natural and Urban Spaces

Who doesn't love a great outdoor adventure?

For most of us, we might have already stepped foot into some of the locations mentioned but how many of us have actually observed and explored the elements (both the living and non-living) that make these places come alive? From the fruit bats that hang themselves upside down from the tree branch to the array of colourful orchid flowers at the entrance of the garden, there are so many things that even us adults might have overlooked!

Apart from solely exploring these sites around Singapore, young children learn best through their own curiosity and discovery. By observing the environment, interacting with the surroundings and following their instincts in a safe outdoor space, children are able to craft their own education.

Why is exploration and outdoor discovery essential in my child's overall development?

Exploration is an essential part of development in academic spaces as well as in everyday life. It promotes curiosity and discovery while limiting the fear of failure. Children are encouraged to explore in order to advance their education so that they can think critically and approach various topics in an interdisciplinary manner. Any form of exploration, especially the outdoors, will allow kids to have a deeper appreciation for the world around them; piquing their overall curiosity and imagination.

2. Applying Art Techniques Outdoors

Immersing ourselves in the outdoors allow us to engage with our five senses - sight, sound, hearing, touch and taste - simultaneously. Out here, there is an infinite space hence children will not feel confined to the four walls of a studio environment and are truly free to express themselves as they breathe in the fresh air. They are also able to look around for inspiration and notice the tiniest details that exist in the world around them.

The natural environment helps with inspiration and affects the way children create art on their individual canvases. Some of the art techniques our Wonderkids have learnt and applied outdoors are gestural drawings which allow them to capture the essence of a moving form and frottaging where they extract impressions of an uneven surface through texture rubbings. Although these art techniques can be applied in both indoor and outdoor settings, using these techniques in an immersive outdoor environment can further stimulate a child's creativity and discovery about the world.

Read more about the different Art Techniques You Should Use In Your Next Outdoor Art Experience in our previous blog article.

3. Producing a Mixed-Media Artwork

Of course, the final bit of the camp - compiling the pieces together to create the final masterpiece!

Just like a collage, our Wonderkids collated their drawings and sketches to produce a 2.5 dimensional mixed-media artwork which tells a story of their individual experiences throughout the three days of outdoor exploration. Each artwork is unique to each child as they captured different elements around Singapore that resonates with them the most.

What if it rains? Will the programme be cancelled?

Rest assured, our Art Wonderland team is always prepared! The programme will still continue in accordance with our wet weather plan which includes sheltered areas in the different locations. Participants will also be notified to bring along necessary items such as umbrellas and ponchos prior to the start of the programme. Whether rain or shine, your little ones will still have a ball of a time.

Slots are still available for our Nature Of A City holiday programme in December, so be sure to sign up on behalf of your kids if you have not done it already!


Find out more about our children art programmes through our website. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to be in the loop for all the latest happenings.


About Iffah

Iffah believes in two-way communication of ideas when it comes to creative work. Growing up, the subject of Art/Design was taught passively; where there was little room for experimentation and self-exploration. Today, she aims to become the bridge that brings Art/Design to everyone, especially the young generation, to grow into critical and creative thinkers in order to fuel their passions.


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