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The Interactive Children's Exhibition this September!

Ever been to an exhibition where you could hover your phone over the artworks and watch them come to life?

This September, the Art Wonderland team is proud to present an exhibition showcase that we've been working on these past few months. Titled Narratives Of Our Children, this exhibition is a collaboration between Art Wonderland (Singapore) and Kulidan Space (Bali) that celebrates the narratives of the children and aims to explore new ways of storytelling.

Over the last 2 weeks since our showcase launch, we've seen both children and adults partaking in the various interactive activities. From letter writing to experiencing digitalised artworks, who says art exhibitions today has to be static and mundane? We've curated the showcases and activities suited for everyone of any age!

Uncover the stories behind these artworks through augmented reality (AR)!

The exhibit - Saying Hello

When was the last time you wrote to a pen-pal? More than just a collection of handwritten letters, peer into the intimate moments, exchange of stories and narratives of 5 pairs of friendships forged 1,660km apart. Using the Artivive app, watch the virtual discussions that took place between the children. Grab a pen and paper; and write back to any of the kids either from Singapore or Bali!

The exhibit - The Hands That Hold Me

A collection of intimate memories and moments- you are invited to examine the narratives collected from the children of two different islands to discover the things that truly matter. Find out the meanings behind each artwork through the Artivive app. You will definitely be amazed by some of the memories our children deem close to their hearts!

Play and interact with the artworks!

The exhibit - A Sense of Things

Inspired by the relationships our children have with the objects around them, come and interact with the installation and rediscover what everyday objects mean to them. Have a go at playing around with the objects created by our children. Discover the ones that will come to life through the use of touch and sound!

Reflect and draw out your favourite memories!

The activity - #lastime

If you could relive a moment in the past, which one would it be? This self-directed activity spotlights past memories and experiences that are dear to you. Feel free to draw as many unforgettable memories that you have and be sure to paste them up on our 'Instagram feed'!

But of course, what about sanitising the exhibition space?

Rest assured, all play/craft areas of the exhibition will be cleaned and sanitised after each visit and at the end of day; so don't you worry! We will also require visitors to sanitise their hands and have their temperatures taken before entering the space.

Did we mention? Admission is FREE!

Narratives Of Our Children Exhibition will be ongoing daily (except Mondays) till the 30th of September from 12pm - 7pm at the Stamford Arts Centre. We're down to the last 2 weeks before the end of the exhibition! Limited slots available for the upcoming weekends so hurry, RSVP your slots (here) to avoid disappointment!

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About Iffah

Iffah believes in two-way communication of ideas when it comes to creative work. Growing up, the subject of Art/Design was taught passively; where there was little room for experimentation and self-exploration. Today, she aims to become the bridge that brings Art/Design to everyone, especially the young generation, to grow into critical and creative thinkers in order to fuel their passions.


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